Android tutorials

Welcome to the GStreamer Android tutorials

These tutorials describe Android-specific topics. General GStreamer concepts will not be explained in these tutorials, so the should be reviewed first. The reader should also be familiar with basic Android programming techniques.

Each Android tutorial builds on top of the previous one and adds progressively more functionality, until a working media player application is obtained in . This is the same media player application used to advertise GStreamer on Android, and the download link can be found in the page.

Make sure to have read the instructions in before jumping into the Android tutorials.

A note on the documentation

All Java methods, both Android-specific and generic, are documented in the Android reference site.

Unfortunately, there is no official online documentation for the NDK. The header files, though, are well commented. If you installed the Android NDK in the $(ANDROID_NDK_ROOT) folder, you can find the header files in $(ANDROID_NDK_ROOT)\platforms\android-9\arch-arm\usr\include\android.