iOS tutorials

Welcome to the GStreamer iOS tutorials

These tutorials describe iOS-specific topics. General GStreamer concepts will not be explained in these tutorials, so the should be reviewed first. The reader should also be familiar with basic iOS programming techniques.

The iOS tutorials have the same structure as the : Each one builds on top of the previous one and adds progressively more functionality, until a working media player application is obtained in .

Make sure to have read the instructions in before jumping into the iOS tutorials.

All iOS tutorials are split into the following classes:

  • The GStreamerBackend class performs all GStreamer-related tasks and offers a simplified interface to the application, which does not need to deal with all the GStreamer details. When it needs to perform any UI action, it does so through a delegate, which is expected to adhere to the GStreamerBackendDelegate protocol.
  • The ViewController class manages the UI, instantiates the GStreamerBackend and also performs some UI-related tasks on its behalf.
  • The GStreamerBackendDelegate protocol defines which methods a class can implement in order to serve as a UI delegate for the GStreamerBackend.